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Summer mornings

Good morning everyone! Are you enjoying the first bits of summer? I just love how everything is so lush and green and colourful! Especially those early summer mornings, when it is still very quiet al around, those are the best part of the day.

My friends and family all know that I am a real morning person. I usually wake up before seven, even when I don’t set an alarm. And you know what, even though it is a bit inconvenient sometimes, I actually really like waking up so early. At that time of day the world is still so quiet and peaceful, it’s lovely to enjoy that for a bit before diving into all the activities of the day.


Just sitting outside, or even only sitting in front of an open window or door, listening to the sounds of the morning, you will relax a bit, no matter what. You can hear the birds singing and rummaging around, some early traffic making its way along the road, a door opening and closing in the distance, a slight breeze rustling through the trees. That is just pure bliss, don’t you think? And the longer you listen, the more you will hear.

If you then look around you, you might see some dew drops captured on the leaves or flowers, the plants all refreshed from the cool night. You might see all of the many different shades of green and the bright colours of the flowers. Try to watch them and just enjoy them for a bit, without over-thinking, just letting their beauty make you happy.


If you can, try to take a moment to enjoy all of this on these summer mornings, even if it is only five minutes or only in the weekends. It will make you feel refreshed and energetic, and will help to start your day off in a great way. Try it, it will definitely be worth the invested time!

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