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Taking a detour, just for fun

Have you ever taken a detour, just for fun? Whether it is walking, cycling or even on the train or bus, a detour can be really nice. Of course, it costs more time, but you can usually enjoy the journey a lot more.

Last Friday, I suddenly had to go to a small village in the Veluwe nature area. I had already planned to go to my parents’ home for the weekend, but now I would do that with a slight detour. So instead of racing north by train, I got on a bus into the lovely area. And it was great! Although this time I had a goal for the detour, I realised I should do trips like that way more often.

The whole thing did not even take me much longer. Only about half an hour extra, which is not so bad on a three hour journey. And it was so much more fun travelling. Suddenly the time flew by, and I almost felt sad when we reached our destination. It was just such a lovely area.

Travelling through nature can be a goal in itself

Travelling through nature can be a goal in itself

And most of all, it is somehow very relaxing to take the time for a journey. I know it is not always possible, sometimes you just have to get to a place quickly. But if you can, why not make a nice trip out of it? Calculate a bit more time for the journey, or better jet, make sure you have plenty of time so that you will not feel rushed in any way. No worrying about catching your next train, if you don’t make it in time, you’ll just get the next one.

And if you want to make an extra stop along the way, or visit one of the towns you pass through, why not? It is such a waste to always just pass along towns and bits of nature without ever stopping to take a look. I have found that I take much more pleasure from my weekly train journey since I started getting to know the towns that I pass along the way. Now, when the train pulls up in one of those towns, I find myself thinking back to the delicious ice cream I had there, or the great walk that started/stopped at that train station, or the amazing book store to be found in the city. Those happy memories make a train journey instantly more fun.

The lovely streets of Zutphen, where I recently made an unexpected stop during a journey

The lovely streets of Zutphen, where I recently made an unexpected stop during a journey

Instead of stopping at one of the towns you pass through, you could also opt for hopping on a bus for (part of) your journey. As buses usually take a different route, you often get to see another side of the area. Or you get to see lots of lovely nature, as I did last Friday.

Just give it a try, you’ll be amazed! And I’d love to hear your stories on taking detours, so feel free to leave a comment.


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