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Technology and Nature, does it go together?

What is happening to the world?!

That is what I thought when I encountered a QR-code in the middle of a forest.
I know technology can come in really handy sometimes. For example using GPS-tracking to examine the behaviour of wild animals can give us important insights for nature conservation. Really, there are lots of new inventions that make a major contribution to our understanding of nature!

Nature and Technology

But where should we draw the line?


To me, nature is about being outside, having an escape from our normal, hectic lives. Should we bring technology into this place of peace and quite? If we do involve technology, doesn’t that bring all the bustle and stress right into the place where we should come to rest?

I know nature organisations are doing their very best to get more people to visit nature areas, and therefore turn to all kinds of modern devices. Maybe that is what most people want nowadays, maybe they do feel the need to receive more stimuli. But why can’t just nature be enough?

As a child, I think you will get just as much fun out of reading a sign, telling something about a tree, as you will from watching a movie about that tree on your mobile phone. At least the sign doesn’t absorb your attention, draw it away from your surroundings, as your phone certainly will.

I don’t mean to reproach anyone or sound ungrateful to nature organisations for the efforts they make. Really, I just felt I had to speak my mind on this. If anyone has a different opinion, please let me know how you think about it!

How do you feel about nature and technology?

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