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Tips to still go out on a rainy day

Don’t you just love rainy days? I do, I think they are amazing!

flowery umbrella

I know it’s not always that great when you have to walk or cycle somewhere through a curtain of rain, but it does have something refreshing for your mind. Call me crazy, but I actually like walking in the rain!

What I like even more, though, is coming home after walking in the rain. I’m sure you know that feeling when you walk through the door completely soaked and a cup of tea and a dry set of clothes is waiting for you. That’s just pure happiness, right?

a cup of tea

Anyway, whether you like rain or not, living in a country like the Netherlands, you can not escape the rain completely. At some point, you will find yourself ready to go out into nature, only to stop at the door when you see it’s raining. Use this tips to help you get out anyway!

  1. Make sure you have a good waterproof jacket at hand. Stylish as it may be, that woollen coat will not be of any help after some hours in the rain. When going out into nature, you will be more thankful for a jacket that will keep you dry and warm.
  2. Give your shoes a good check-up as well. Both your everyday shoes and your walking boots could do with some polishing every now and then. If you don’t, they might turn out to be not so water proof in a heavy shower. I experienced that some months ago on an excursion. The last few miles of the walk, I was literally sopping in my shoes. I’d advise you to avoid that.puddles
  3. Motivate yourself to go out, even when it is raining, by promising some treat when you get back. If you walk for an hour, then you can have a big mug of hot chocolate on return. Something like that.
  4. Shorten your “nature-time”. When it’s cold, wind is blowing and rain is pouring down on you, at some point, you will start to feel cold. My guess is that you’d rather avoid that, so only go outside for half an hour when the weather is really raging. That way you will get some exercise and fresh air, but you will not have the chance to get extremely cold. Perfect, right?
  5. Check the weather forecast! Even though I support going out in the rain, there is not really a point in going out at the height of the storm, when it will be dry in a few minutes, right?

I hope you can find the courage to still go out, even when it’s raining outside. Nature is just so beautiful during an autumn storm!

What is your best motivation to go out in the rain?

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