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Top ten things to take on a walking trip

Only two days left! For what, you ask? Well, for my holiday trip.
I’ll only be away for three days, but it’s still a holiday, right?

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Remember I wrote about how walking is one of my favourite outdoor activities? (See this link to the article about walking.) So you can probably guess what I’m going to do on my trip! I’m going to walk from city to city, enjoying nature and fresh air as I go along.


As I was preparing for the trip, I started to think about what the utmost important things are to take when walking. Some things are nice to have with you, some are actually really not necessary, and some are highly essential.

Here is a top ten of the most important things to take with you:

1. Water. Definitely. Whatever happens, a person needs water in order to survive. All other things on this list are quite essential and handy, but water is still a step more important. Unless you are lucky to come across a spring, you can’t be sure if surface water is save to drink. So please prevent dehydration and take enough water with you!

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2. Your mobile phone. Just in case you need to contact someone, or someone needs to speak to you. And it probably will never be necessary, I hope, but in case you go missing, the police can also use the signal of your phone to find you. And of course, you need your phone to take pictures of all the beautiful nature you come across!

3. Passport or ID-card. You might not think of it when you are going to walk in your own country, but don’t forget to take it with you. You can never know what might happen on your trip and if you might need it.

4. Good walking boots are essential if you are going to walk longer distances. They prevent you from spraining your ankles and getting blisters (hopefully), but good shoes also play their part in preventing all kinds of injuries.

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5. A fitting backpack. Finding the right backpack can be quite a challenge. It has to be big enough to hold all your stuff, but not too big, because you don’t want to carry more weight than necessary. Make sure that if all the qualifications are good, you still try it on to see if it fits to your body shape well enough!

6. A rain- and windproof jacket is definitely necessary! The weather may seem nice the moment you start your trip, but if you do run in to a heavy shower, you will be glad to have your jacket at hand. Of course, if you are only going to walk for a short time, you can look at the sky to decide whether you take your jacket or not. But if you leave for more than one day, I highly recommend you take it with you!

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7. A map of the area can come in very handy, maybe even a compass. Even when you are walking a marked route, sometimes a mark can have disappeared, or you are too busy looking at a special kind of finch and miss a mark. Then you can just get out your map and within moments you’ll be back on track! I know I might be a bit old fashioned here. Most of you will have GPS or google maps or something like that on your cell phone, but call me old, call me technology-phobe (which is not true, really!), but I like to stick to paper maps, that’s just me.

8. Food. I mean, you are not going to forget eating, right? Especially when you are outside and being active, you need enough fuel to keep your energy-level up. Tomorrow I will give you a few tips about what kinds of food you can best take with you.

9. Toiletries and a first-aid kit, as I said before, you never know what might happen. And as for the toiletries, well, it’s always nice to be able to brush your teeth, right?

10. Extra clothes for the following days, and in case you do get soaked. It’s never nice to hobble on in dripping wet clothes, so changing into something warm and dry in a moment like that can be absolute bliss.

2014-07-18 13.26.41comp

Wow, that’s quite a list. I do hope you can make use of it. I also, really, sincerely, hope you don’t think I sounded too pedantic!

Have a nice walk!

What will be your next walking trip?

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