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Train Journey Musings

How often do you travel by train? Do you like it?

train travel

As a student and part-time writer, I spend rather a lot of time travelling around the Netherlands, most of which by train and bus. I love it, travelling around, and seeing different landscapes, buildings and people.

Over the past week, my hours of travelling by train were exceptionally high. Apart from travelling to my parent’s home in the weekend, I had an additional ten travelling hours because of three extra visits to Amsterdam. I have to say, even for me, that is quite a lot.

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Allthought I wouldn’t want to live in a really large city, I do like to explore them. I’m not a big fan of Amsterdam, the whole place feels run-down and there are just too many coffeeshops and creepy guys calling after you. But I do enjoy other cities in the “Randstad area”, like Leiden, Amersfoort and Utrecht. The old, cobblestoned streets, the gorgeous buildings, the hidden nature, all just lovely!

train travel2

But really, at the end of the day, there is nothing like going home. Getting on a train and leaving the dirty, busy city behind, while a home is waiting for you at the end of the journey, who wouldn’t be cheered by that?

For me, the moment the buildings start to make space for small patches of grassland, and later on bigger stretches of pasture and forest appear, that’s when I can feel myself relax again. All joys of city life together, nothing feels more like coming home than having green all around once again!

Do you travel a lot by train?

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