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Troublesome Chickens and a Summery Omelette (Recipe)

Remember how I wrote our new chickens fitted in so peacefully? It turns out I spoke too quickly. But it does form a great source of amusement. Oh, and to stay in the chicken-vibe, here is a great recipe for a nice, summery omelette.

The first day, our new chickens really were keeping quiet. They seemed to accept their place at the bottom of the pecking order and everything went well. But then, after a day or so, they started becoming more and more bold. Suddenly, the order was not so fixed any more. Or, rather, the order was under attack.

It started with one of the youngsters venturing into the outside part of the coop. After some squabbling, she had to give in and seek refuge somewhere. Which resulted in my father announcing some time later that he had “rescued a chicken from the rhododendron”. Well, that is not something you hear every day.

The young chicks claiming the perch.

The young chicks claiming the perch.

But that was not the end of it and the struggle for power reached its climax when it was time for bed. As the young chicks were already inside, they had nicely placed themselves on the perch, along the entire length. It really seemed as if they were saying: “so, what did you want, old ones?” Unfortunately for them, soon one of the older chickens came in and quickly pecked them away one by one.

Then, they settled themselves on the second highest point in the coop: the threshold in front of the outside door. After some bickering, the four of them each found a place to sit, and they got ready for the night. Until the rooster wanted to go inside. After lots of pacing around below the door, he had finally worked up the courage to fly up to the entrance. Once arrived there, he was at a complete loss what to do next. You know, there were chicks lying in the way!

After some gently asking sounds, he then decided the best thing to do was to just walk over them. But with a door of only around 20 cm high, that might not be the easiest of tasks. So, another round of squabbling, flapping and pecking.

The rooster after reclaiming the perch

The rooster after reclaiming the perch

If the rooster was not already completely out of sorts by these happenings, what soon followed made him even more stressed. For after an eternity of turning and pacing, he had finally calmed down and found a good place to sleep on the perch. But then, one of the young ones decided to try one last time for a place among the elders for the night. She flew up, and crawled slowly over to the perch. She got a peck from one of the old ones, and her reaction resulted in her suddenly being stuck between the wall and the older chickens. When another young chick joined her, panic was all around, and soon one of them was actually on the rooster’s back, hanging on for dear life. The other was running around, making anxious sounds, only provoking the old chickens even more.

And we? Well, we were laughing our socks off! Our dear old rooster just seemed so completely overcome, it was better than any comedy show could ever be.

In the end, luckily the two chicks soon found an escape route and had to settle for sleeping in a lower place, for now…

So, that were the adventures of our new, brave chickens. If they perform any more rash stunts, I’ll be sure to keep you updated!

Now on to the recipe. This omelette is quick and easy, and makes a delicious lunch or side dish on warm summer days. Enjoy!

omelette baked

Summery Omelette (serves one)

What you will need:

  • Two small eggs (or maybe one when they are really big)
  • A splash of milk
  • A quarter of a zucchini
  • One fresh tomato
  • A pinch of salt
  • Some herbs, fresh or dried, to your own taste
  • A few drops of oil
  • Optional: a bit of grated cheese

How to:

  1. Crack the eggs in a mixing bowl and whisk them to make an even mixture.
  2. Add a little bit of milk, the salt and the herbs.
  3. Now dice the zucchini and tomato, then add those to the mixture as well.
  4. Heat a skillet over medium heat and add just a tiny bit of oil.
  5. Pour the mixture into the skillet and put on a lid. (If adding cheese, sprinkle it on after pouring in the pan)
  6. Let it bake for a few minutes and check the bottom does not get burned. If it gets brown to quickly, turn down the heat a bit.
  7. When the upside has become solid, your omelette is ready.
  8. Eat like that, or serve with a bit of fresh lettuce




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