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Upgrade your walks

Do you need some extra motivation to get walking? After the long, maybe less active winter, now is the time to start going on hikes again. And what better way to tempt yourself into a long walk, than to upgrade your walk into something more?

With the arrival of nicer weather, walking suddenly seems like a good idea again. Even if you have been out hiking regularly in winter too, you might still find spring and summer giving it a boost. And if you haven’t been all that active with walking lately, now is the perfect time to get started again.
Either way, you can make your walks even more tempting and fun by adding something extra. Something that will really make you want to go. Here are a few ideas of how to “upgrade” your walks.

Go for a picnic

How romantic and old-fashioned… But still so much fun! Pack a bag (because a basket is so difficult to carry for, say, ten kilometres) and just go. You can basically make it as extravagant as you want. If you just want some sandwiches and fruit, great. If you want to go all out and have a complete, luxurious meal on the forest floor, perfect! Cold dishes are usually the easiest for picnics, but you could take some soup in a thermos flask, for example. Just choose whatever you feel up to, and you will definitely have a great time!

Extra tip: if you want to be a total picnic-pro, consider taking a special picnic-backpack. They have all the equipment strapped into place and look amazingly organised.

Walk towards something

Nothing is as motivating as having a certain, fixed destination for your walk. It can be a museum, restaurant, event or even just a visit to a friend, anything that will make you want to cover all those kilometres. You’ll see that with a purpose for your walk, you will get there before you know it. But don’t forget to enjoy the walking and the things along the way as well!

Extra tip: Some nature-surrounded museums and restaurants have special walking routes set out around them. See if the one you are going to has that as well, you can choose to take that route, or at least incorporate parts of it in your own walk.

Maybe you could even walk to a cabin to stay overnight, and walk back the next day!

Maybe you could even walk to a cabin to stay overnight, and walk back the next day!

Walk along one of your regular traveling routes

You have probably realised how much more you see when walking, instead of biking or driving. Use that and make it even more so, by taking a walk along one of your regular traveling routes. Deviate from the big road by taking all kinds of small, hiking paths alongside it. You will find that suddenly you get to know the area that you travel through so often much better. It is amazing how you can kind of recognise the area, but still find it very new and interesting. And afterwards, when traveling normally again, you will be reminded of your lovely walk every now and then when you see something familiar, like a rail crossing you walked over or bench where you rested.

Extra tip: if you are doing this in the Netherlands and walking between two train station, try to see if the NS has any set walks on that particular section. That makes it even easier to plan!

Take an animal with youdog in nature-min-min

As I wrote before, walking with an animal makes everything seem more interesting. They might be scared or amazed by the most common of things, which forces you to look at your surroundings much more closely. An animal might help you to spot wild creatures more quickly as well. And, most of all, it is just very cosy to walk companionably side by side with your beloved pet.

Note: before you go, check your pet is allowed in the particular area where you are planning to walk. It would be a shame to be forced to go back because of a sign prohibiting all horses/dogs/animals in general.

Feeling motivated to go for a walk already? I hope you are, and I wish you lots of fun!

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