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Weekend adventures

It’s been quite an eventful weekend. But as it were all nice, happy things, I can only be glad about it. There is the new place where Emily is stabled, some traveling, and food!

My weekend started with a general meeting at the new stable where Emily is now living. I have just moved her this past week, so the annual meeting could not have been at a better time. It was a perfect way to get to know everyone who has their horse stabled there and find out all the ins and outs of life at the new place. And I have to say, everyone was so nice, it was amazing!

Emily all content in her new home

Emily all content in her new home

As expected, Emily had everyone charmed already and I got tons of compliments of how well-behaved and friendly she is. It made me especially proud, as a lot of that is the effect of all the exercises we have been doing over the past few months. And well, she is just a sweetheart, no doubt about that!

No wonder then that the next day, when Emily was allowed to enter the herd, it all went incredibly smooth. Before that, she had been standing in a separate paddock for a few days, to adjust to the new place and gently get to know the other horse across the fence. Entering the herd hardly gave any trouble, she just found a nice place to eat and that was it.

After seeing Emily safely into the herd, I headed North by train, to visit my parents for the weekend, picking up a delicious snack along the way. They are quite expensive, but both these snacks from the brand Good 4u are worth it for special occasions.


Super Seed Snack and Super Bites

On both Saturday and Sunday, we had parties. One of them being a neighbourhood barbecue, the other a family celebration. There was friends, family, cosiness, and most of all, lots of good food! (My mom had this amazing recipe for a Finnish blueberry yogurt pie, I’ll see if I can get permission from the creator to share it with you.)

blueberry basket

It was great to have some of these picked blueberries frozen at hand for the pie

Finally, as if there hadn’t been enough excitement for the weekend, on Sunday night, my train back home stranded on a small train station somewhere along the way. Luckily, a friend of mine had been on that train too and together we decided to give hitchhiking a go. It was actually all very nice and fun, meeting new people, first in the train station, and later on the nice lady and her son that gave us a ride. I would almost say I was glad we stranded like that. Almost.

How was your weekend?

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