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Weekend Reading

Hi everyone! Are you almost ready to enjoy the weekend? It’s gonna be another lovely few days to enjoy the outdoors and admire the first signs of autumn. And before you go out in the morning, here are some great articles to read over breakfast.

The first article I want to share is about “Rewilding Human Nature“. It explores the idea of us humans being domesticated, just like we consider certain animals and plants to be so.  And it connects that idea with the lack of “belonging” many people nowadays feel and poses suggestions and thoughts on how to improve that. On how to become “wild” again and find yourself in an environment that feels good. It’s a really great article and I think you should definitely take the time to read it.

Then, there is something quite different, about London. I know, what would a nature lover like me want to do with a huge city like London, right? Well, that’s the interesting part. This initiative proposes to consider the city in the light of nature, to manage it the same way you would do a National Park. I think it is a great initiative and am curious to see what will happen. Read National Park City.

Oh, and if you are not in the mood for something so heavy, or if you’ve finished the other two articles, here is a list of 19 beautiful Scottish words everyone needs in their life. A lot of them actually involve nature, and I think the Scots have found just the right sounds.

Have a great weekend!

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