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welcome to trondheim

Welcome to Trondheim!

welcome to trondheim

The moment has finally arrived: I moved to Trondheim. For now, I would like to share my first experiences with you.

small stream

On new year’s day, very, very, early, my parents and I got in the car and headed for Schiphol airport. Once there, it was a matter of searching for the right check-in desk, saying goodbye and on through customs. It all went so fast, I was a bit overwhelmed and said goodbye to my parents rather hastily. I am sorry for that, mum and dad! I guess goodbyes are not my strongest point.

Not So Cold in the North
After that the flight went very smooth and before I knew it, white forests and mountains were visible from the tiny window: Norway! Though after landing, it soon became clear that there was not so much snow this day. Instead it was raining. But as that did make it easier to haul my luggage over to my new home, it wasn’t really a bad thing.

A Nice Welcome
At my new home, I was heartily greeted by one of my new housemates. He showed me around and even offered to cook me a delicious dinner later in the afternoon. I couldn’t have hoped for a better welcome!


The view from our kitchen window.

Exploring the City
The next day, yesterday, was all about exploring the city and finding my way around. I set out rather early and it was still dark when I went out. It was also still raining/snowing a lot, so I didn’t get the chance to take very nice pictures. But those will soon follow, I can promise you that! The city and its surroundings are so beautiful, I just have to share that with you!

view over the river

Basic Supplies
In the morning, my goal was to get some essential food-things as well. So I bought crisp bread, oatmeal, fruits and veggies. And I was overjoyed to find a tiny little shop that sells rice milk and peanut butter! I already know I will be a regular customer there. While I was happily and energetic walking around Trondheim, I also wondered a bit why this city was different. Why had I gone through all the trouble to live here? The city and the culture are lovely, but why do I feel so right here?

Why I Love Norway
It was in the afternoon when I found the answer to that. I had decided to go on a shopping trip to the IKEA to get some household things. Since the store is located somewhat outside the city, I had to take a bus and then walk some time. As soon as I got off the bus, I realised why I love Norway so much. The lovely houses, the snow, the space, it’s all just amazing. You shouldn’t just go to Norway for it’s cities, it’s the nature that is key. The way nature is entwined with the lives op people here, that is just amazing. And you can even feel it in the heart of one of Norway’s biggest cities, isn’t that just incredible?

lovely house

Finding my Place
Of course I am going to miss my parents and friends. I have to say, the idea of being so far away from some people for so long is harder than I would have thought. And the idea that this will be my home for the next six months is just very strange and surreal. But everything considered, I’m absolutely certain that I will have no trouble finding my place here. With some more walking around and exploring, I think I will get settled quite happy here. Even if it is just for half a year (for now at least).

trees and snow

In a few days, I will give you an update on the city exploring, and can hopefully provide you with some better pictures.

Until then, greetings from Trondheim!

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  • Reply Mandy Sharon

    Heel veel plezier in Noorwegen! De foto’s zien er nu al prachtig uit!

    Sunday January 4th, 2015 at 04:14 PM
    • Reply Inge

      Dankjewel! Vandaag ligt er nog veel meer sneeuw, dus daar komen binnenkort ook foto’s van! :)

      Sunday January 4th, 2015 at 05:42 PM

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