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Pure Cottongrass offers writing services in the field of sustainability, biology and nature management. Whether you are in need of a writer for your blog or magazine, or looking for a helping hand in creating informative and captivating texts for your company, I can help you out. With my knowledge of and passion for writing as well as biology, both content and language will get the attention they deserve.

I always strive to deliver the very best, and will work on every project with the greatest care. I stand behind my writing and only deliver work that I am truly proud of. Your writing is in good hands with me.

A few of the writing services I offer:

  • Blogs Articles for magazines
  • Texts for brochures
  • Texts for websites (including SEO)
  • Newspaper articles and press releases

Please contact me to discuss the possibilities for your company.

Nature for Schools

Nature is amazing, and I love sharing that with children. That is why I help schools to give their students the opportunity to explore nature. I provide workshops and lessons acquainting the children with the natural surroundings of their school. They will be amazed at everything that is living and growing around them! Games and crafts projects will make them into real nature explorers in only a few hours’ time. Of course other themes are also possible, so feel free to get in touch to discuss the possibilities. Apart from giving workshops, I can help set up a plan for including nature more in your classroom or school. Custom-made to fit your wishes and possibilities. Workshops are currently only available in the Netherlands. Lesson plans are possible in other countries as well.

Administrative Services

If you have some administrative project that you cannot seem to get round to, let me jump in and handle it. I have excellent computer skills and am a conscientious worker. Ordering data, looking up facts or combining multiple files, you can leave it all to me. While I am busy creating a perfectly neat end product, you can focus on your actual job. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

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