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Nature in your Neighbourhood

You Didn’t See Me!

I love walking around my neighbourhood in early evening! That moment just before sunset, when the air hangs quiet and the streets are rather empty. A sense of peace hangs in the air, working soothing on your mind.

mute swan (Cygnus olor)

And not only does it give a nice feeling, but it also clears the stage for animals to come out of their shelter and go foraging. You would be amazed at how many animals actually live in urban areas!

I found a pheasant
Just a few days ago, on one of my evening walks, I encountered this pheasant. He became rather shy when I pulled out my camera, but I could still take a picture before he disappeared in the bushes.

Pheasant (Phasianus colchicus)

There’s more…
On that same walk, I also counted four rabbits and a family of mute swans, all in forty minutes and within city limits! (Although the pheasant was on the edge of the city, I have to admit.)

mute swan youngs (Cygnus olor)

Are you going out for a walk tonight? Let me know what animals you have encountered!


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